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Trip report: Utah Grand Staircase / Escalante area (IO: VMO+ – 11 day – Spring 2018)

Harris Wash was almost as pretty as Coyote Gulch, but didn’t have the crowds that Coyote would likely have on the weekend.  


Geargasm Sneak Peek: Gear Companies on Display

Geargasm is an excellent--and unique---opportunity to check out in-person a wide range of UL backpacking gear, including packs, shelters, hammocks, and more. 

Blue Sky and Smiles Galore for the Makeupanutten

It had all of the traditional ingredients: a returning Massanutten finisher (me), a first-time finisher (Max!), a Halfassanutten participant (Sophie), a Mininuttener (Sharon), a trail injury sacrifice (Chris), a new variant finisher we will call the Markanutten (Mark, duh), and lots of trail magic.

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